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Check out the Featured Wedding from Oct 2011 by Fortune Events, Vancouver Chinese Wedding Planners.


Our Featured Wedding from October 2011 with Candice and Ray at the Fairmont Waterfront. We got to work with White Day Photographers and RPS Productions on this one!

Fortune Events + Tumblr!


Fortune Events Title

Welcome to Fortune Events! We’re overcome with excitement to join the blogosphere. We’re here to share the events and experiences we strive to create!

Here, you’ll get to know us a little better, learn an abundance of innovative event tips and ideas, and learn about the beautiful people we are so happy to work with.

Rebranding is an amazing experience, one that is continually occurring. We are fortunate to have such great friends, with special talents, to help us along the way. This creation is a potpourri of top-notch design, web development, music, photographic, and video skills, etc.

With our new look, we personify the personality, professionalism, and perfection that every event needs and deserves.

Beautiful. Did anyone else notice this?

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Genius and Visionary, Mr. Steve Jobs. View high resolution

Genius and Visionary, Mr. Steve Jobs.

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I’ve been thinking about recording my Love Line(s) verse lately… Guess I’ll get on that.


LoveLine(s) Ukulele Cover

OH SHIT. i did not expect that. i usually hate filipinos (iuno he kinda looks filipino, but its always filipinos anyway) rockin ukuleles, just cuz they think it’s hype and wanna be Aj Rafael or some other shit, but this dudes legit. no hype, just musicality. 

beautiful. love. sad. 

beautiful. love. sad. 


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One of the perks of being a photographer at a wedding? Satisfaction! View high resolution

One of the perks of being a photographer at a wedding? Satisfaction!

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This is what July 17 feels like right now.  View high resolution

This is what July 17 feels like right now. 

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